AutoMadness Qatar

AutoMadness Qatar will be hosted on 21 - 23 November 2024 in the Qatar National Convention Centre. Car enthusiasts in Qatar can anticipate a novel European-inspired concept, bringing an unprecedented indoor car show experience to the country. Brace yourself for three days packed with a diverse array of vehicles, including hypercars, supercars, performance cars, JDM cars, classic cars, and show cars. The event will not only showcase an impressive lineup of vehicles but also feature elements such as motorcycles, music, entertainment, thrilling stunts, valuable networking opportunities, and an array of shops and stands for attendees to explore. Keep up with our website and socials to stay updated about the event.




    Experience the extraordinary at AutoMadness Qatar as you revel in the spectacle of the Car Catwalk. This distinctive catwalk not only adds a literal dimension to the automotive showcase but also takes the overall experience to unprecedented heights. Immerse yourself in the world of automobiles like never before, where the fusion of innovation and presentation creates an unparalleled journey for enthusiasts and spectators alike.


    For enthusiasts of million-dollar automobiles, AutoMadness is a must-attend event! Featuring a lineup that ranges from Koenigsegg to Apollo, Pagani to Lamborghini, and Bugatti to Ferrari, this showcase of luxury and performance is unparalleled. And where better to host such an impressive array of top tier cars than in the glamorous setting of Qatar? Don't miss the chance to witness these automotive marvels up close at AutoMadness!


    The American car scene in Qatar is sizzling, boasting a fleet of hundreds of Mustangs, Camaros, Dodges and Vans. Get ready for a grand showcase featuring a substantial American showpaddock, where the spotlight is on the iconic stars, alongside an expansive paddock dedicated to owners who have cranked up the horsepower in various other brands. It's an automotive extravaganza that promises to leave enthusiasts awe-struck!


    AutoMadness Qatar is versatile and caters not only to exclusive cars from collections but also focuses on new models. During AutoMadness, you can expect a showcase of well-known car brands with their own booths. The latest models and technologies will be unveiled at this indoor automotive festival, with a nod to future mobility.


    The global fanbase for the Japanese car scene is immense, and at AutoMadness in Qatar, enthusiasts can expect a dedicated show paddock brimming with Japanese automotive excellence. Drawing inspiration from the success of Japfest at TT Circuit Assen, where 2,500 Japanese cars converge, we are excited to extend this spectacular concept to the captivating backdrop of Qatar. 


    The classic car scene has experienced a remarkable surge in the last five years, with an influx of classic cars and youthful supercars imported from various corners of the world, enriching the vibrant car culture in the Middle East. Anticipate a diverse array of classics and young classics, including iconic vehicles such as the Lamborghini Diablo, Lancia Delta, BMW M3 E30, and many more.


    During Auto Madness Qatar, fans of smoking tires, roaring engines, and controlled chaos can indulge themselves. A special Drift Arena will be organized, featuring official drivers giving demonstrations for the fans. Let yourself be enchanted by the skills behind the wheel and specially built drift cars.


    At AutoMadness in Qatar, the spotlight isn't solely on cars; it also extends to two-wheelers. From the coolest engines to the most renowned brands and attention-grabbing exhausts, AutoMadness Qatar offers a diverse spectrum. Whether your passion leans towards a Ducati racing motorcycle or a BMW Touring, the event caters to the preferences of every automotive and motorcycle enthusiast, ensuring an exhilarating experience for all.


    The focus at AutoMadness extends beyond four-wheeled machines. Custom Bike Fever, a leading custom bike club, will showcase some of their most impressive creations, from choppers to bobbers to café racers. These bikes are true works of art, providing visitors with an opportunity to admire them up close and perhaps meet the talented builders. Whether you're a fan of cars, bikes, or both, AutoMadness is the go-to destination for all your horsepower cravings.


    At AutoMadness Qatar, the focus extends beyond gasoline to include a dedicated emphasis on electricity. The future of mobility takes center stage, showcasing the latest electric models and featuring insights from companies actively engaged in advancing this innovative frontier. Explore the event to gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of sustainable and electric transportation, where cutting-edge technologies and pioneering businesses converge to shape the future of the automotive industry.




    Petrolheads from across the Middle East will undoubtedly gather at the Qatar National Convention Center for the 'Indoor Exhibition,' showcasing their cars. The event promises to be a meeting point for passionate car enthusiasts to share their impressive vehicles. The Qatar National Convention Center will buzz with excitement and admiration for the diverse and spectacular car collections.


    From all corners of Qatar, attendees will converge at AutoMadness Qatar, where a mainstage will feature live DJs, providing an electrifying musical experience throughout the day. The event promises a dynamic fusion of impressive cars and pulsating beats, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for automotive enthusiasts. AutoMadness Qatar will be a vibrant celebration of high-octane vehicles and energetic music on the mainstage.


    AutoMadness Qatar promises a delectable experience with a variety of food trucks offering everything from local delights to international flavors. Attendees can indulge in savory dishes and sweet treats while enjoying impressive cars and live music. Don't miss out on this flavorful culinary journey at AutoMadness Qatar!


    At AutoMadness, the spotlight is on the most eccentric show cars, ranging from striking aesthetics to enhanced performance, each with its own unique story. Get up close to these exceptional vehicles during AutoMadness - now that's a thrilling experience!


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    This is a stuntshow during AutoMadness, where a car rides on 2 wheels! Abdulrahman Alraeesi will give a unique Sidewheelie Experience. In 2019, Abdulrahman founded his own company, becoming the first in the region to offer the unique Sidewheelie Experience. 


    AutoMadness is renowned for the spectacle it delivers with each edition, and the Qatar edition will be no different. Brace yourself for the most thrilling stunts and shows, complemented by the excitement of high-powered car displays. Stay tuned to our channels for updates on the spectacular stunts and shows.


    What is a car show without shops & stands? There will therefore be a wide range available. For your car but of course also for yourself! Soon a preview of which exhibitors you can expect.




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