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Since 1996, organizes more than 20 automotive events a year in Europe. As of November 2023, 402 has become a part of the Arab World, marking its presence with a successful inaugural event in Dubai, UAE. 402 is enthusiastic about expanding its footprint in the Middle East and is gearing up to organize additional shows in the region. In 2024, three events are scheduled in the Middle East. On the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd, the second AutoMadness event and the first Supercar Madness event will take place at the Dubai Autodrome. Meanwhile, on the weekend of November 21st to 23rd, the very first 402 event will be held in Qatar. It's an indoor car show named AutoMadness at the Qatar National Convention Centre. Plans are being made to organize similar car shows in Saudi Arabia and Oman for 2025. These specialized events focus on specific topics within the automotive communites such as hypercars, supercars, young/old-timers, JDM cars and performance cars. And that creates opportunities for your company!


  • over 300.000 visitor yearlyover 300.000 visitor yearly
  • 6 countries and 15 locations6 countries and 15 locations
  • over 20 carshows yearlyover 20 carshows yearly

From Europe to Middle-East

The weekend of November 4th and 5th was entirely dedicated to our first event in the Middle East, namely AutoMadness in Dubai! After months of preparation, the long-awaited moment finally arrived as the most impressive cars from the United Arab Emirates gathered at the Dubai Autodrome. In total, there were over 1700 different show cars, spanning hypercars, supercars, tuned cars, classic cars, and much more. These diverse show cars were not only on static display but also showcased on the track. The event featured a packed schedule, including Off-Road Madness, Tracktime, Drift Taxi, Drift Championship, Rollracing, and much more. With over 17,000 spectators over the two days and the participation of dozens of companies, it was an unforgettable event.

First show in Qatar

AutoMadness Qatar will be hosted on 21 - 23 November 2024 in the Qatar National Convention Centre. Car enthusiasts in Qatar can anticipate a novel European-inspired concept, bringing an unprecedented indoor car show experience to the country. Brace yourself for three days packed with a diverse array of vehicles, including hypercars, supercars, performance cars, JDM cars, classic cars, and show cars. The event will not only showcase an impressive lineup of vehicles but also feature elements such as motorcycles, music, entertainment, thrilling stunts, valuable networking opportunities, and an array of shops and stands for attendees to explore. Keep up with our website and socials to stay updated about the event.


We are proud to tell you that we will organize 3 carshows in the Middle East in 2024!

AutoMadness - Dubai Autodrome - 2nd of November
Supercar Madness - Dubai Autodrome - 3rd of November
AutoMadness - Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) - 21st to 23rd November

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We can offer many different services for your company during our events in Middle-East. Contact us via Therese or Ayman.

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